In OCIT-O Car, a new component is defined, the so-called Roadside Unit (RSU), which can be operated independently of a traffic light system. For the RSU, the OCIT-O Car interface provides a license-free option for integrating these into a traffic management system. As a subset of OCIT-O V3.0, OCIT-O-Car offers the necessary functionalities.

The functions are based on the following Car2X message
Cooperative Awareness Message (CAM)
Decentralized Environmental Notification Message (DENM
Thus, the OCIT-O Car interface supports hazard reports, quality assurance, statistics and measurements of floating car data as well as prioritization of OEPNV and special vehicles.
It is not mandatory that equipment operated on OCIT-O Car support all functions specified in the reference specifications. They only support those functions that are necessary for the respective purpose and expansion. When transferring data from OCIT-O Car, only transmission profile 3 or 4 must be used.
So z. B. no control data for a traffic signal controller or maps supported.
The specifications of the OCIT-O Car Version 1.0 interface are compatible with control panels with OCIT-C Version 2.0.
As OCIT-O is generally royalty-free for operators, OCIT-O Car is royalty-free for both operators and manufacturers.
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