Versions and informations


English documentation for OCIT-O V3.0

The English documentation for OCIT-0 TSC version 3.0 and OCIT-O function mirror version 3.0 is available on the download page.


IT security of OCIT systems

The position paper of the ODG describes the possibilities of secure OCIT data connection over open networks, in particular over the Internet. The document is now available under Download.


Documentation for OCIT-O V3.0 and OCIT-O Car V1.0

The OCIT Developer Group uses the OCIT-O V3.0 interface to make traffic infrastructure access to the new Car2X technologies. Actual information, directly from the road user, the traffic situation can be influenced in a resource-saving manner by the operator of the traffic infrastructure. With the OCIT-O Car V1.0 interface, traffic information and traffic data can be provided or recorded outside the crossing area. The documents for OCOT-O V3.0 are available under Download.


Rights of use Comany Damatt GmbH

With effect of 26. February 2018 the company Damatt GmbH has acquired the rights to use the OCIT-O V2.0 Traffic Signal Controllers.


Rights of company SILA Service GmbH

With effect of 04. January 2018 the company SILA Service GmbH has acquired the rights to use the OCOT-O V2.0 Traffic Signal Controllers.


New version 1.2 from OCIT-C

The new OCIT-C Version 1.2 is now available under Download.