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Consortium for standardization of interfaces of road traffic control


The ODG (OCIT Developer Group) is a consortium of signal construction companies. Their goal is to standardize the most important interfaces of traffic control systems under the brand OCIT®. OCIT Outstations is the communications standard between TSC controllers and traffic centers supported by leading signal companies. With the OCIT interface, the Internet technology is introduced throughout the traffic control from the road to the traffic control center. Traffic signal controllers, central components and the management area are combined in a system-wide network. With the integration of the cooperative radio-based infrastructure from the automotive sector (Car2X) into the OCIT system, new traffic information is available. Tools and test tools are available for the quality assurance of the OCIT interface. The consistent continuation of the OCIT standards by the industry guarantees the operators an investment and future protection of their manufacturer-mixed systems.

Treffen der Arbeitsgruppen

07. Februar 2018, München

19. April 2018, München

03. Mai 2018, Frankfurt a.M., ZVEI



Aktuelles zu Versionen und Informationen


Rights of company SILA Service GmbH

With effect of 04. January 2018 the company SILA Service GmbH has acquired the rights to use the OCOT-O V2.0 Traffic Signal Controllers.

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New version 1.2 from OCIT-C

The new OCIT-C Version 1.2 is now available under Download.

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OCIT-O V3.0 and OCIT-O Car V1.0

With OCIT-O V3.0 and the corresponding specifications in OCIT-C, the OCIT system integrates with the cooperative radio-based infrastructure in the automotive sector. This makes it possible in the OCIT system to integrate danger reporting, prioritization of public transport vehicles and special vehicles, forecast data, supply of topology information and quality assurance into traffic management.

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Rights of use company Global Traffic Systems Sp. Z o.o

With effect of 11. August 2015 the company Global Traffic Systems Sp. Z o.o. has acquired the rights to use the OCIT-O V1.1 Traffic Signal Controllers.

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English documentation for OCIT-C V1.1

The English documentation for OCIT-C Version 1.1 is available

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New version 1.1 from OCIT-C

The new version 1.1 is now available for download

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