The OCIT-LED interface is an electrical interface between traffic signal controllers and LED signaling devices



OCIT-LED signal module 40V AC Version 1

The key data of the LED signaling modules are:
·         operating voltage 40 V AC,
·         power consumption <10 W,
·         Safe operation of signal protection according to RiLSA
The interface and LED buzzer modules have been specified by the OCIT-LED working group. Owners of the rights are: The member companies of ODG (AVT STOYE GmbH, Siemens AG, Stührenberg GmbH, SWARCO TRAFFIC SYSTEMS GmbH) and the following manufacturers of LED inserts.
Futurit Ges.m.b.H (Österreich)              www.swarco.com
Garufo GmbH / Dialight Corporation     www.dialight.co
Gesig Ges. m. b. H (Österreich)            www.gesig.com
IMS AG (Schweiz)                                 www.ims-ag.ch
Osram OptoSemiconductors GmbH     www.osram-os.com
The definitions OCIT-LED include "OCIT-LED-Signaling Modules 40 V AC, Version 1" for LED signal lights according to DIN DIN 67527-1 with:
·         200 mm illuminated field diameter, red, yellow, green: luminous intensity distribution class B2 / 2, radiation characteristic W, phantom class 4, protection class IP 65
·         LED signal lights with 300mm light field diameter, red, yellow, green: light distribution class B3 / 2, radiation characteristic N, phantom class 4, protection class IP 65
·         LED signal lights with 200mm light field diameter, white for public transport signals: color limits acc. DIN 6163-5, luminous intensity distribution class B1 / 2, radiation characteristic not specified, protection class IP 65
·         Small signal transmitter: electrical OCIT-LED, no specifications for lighting technology