OCIT-C stands for Open Communication Interface for Road Traffic Control Systems - Center to Center. OCIT-C covers the functions for communication between central traffic control and traffic guidance systems

With the help of the member numbers, the labeling of process data from traffic light controllers with OCIT-O interface is possible in OCIT-C. With OCIT-C and OCIT-O for the communication of control centers to field devices, all requirements from traffic control to higher-level traffic management are covered. The definition and maintenance of the interface OCIT-C is carried out by ODG and its partners.


OCIT-C is consistently oriented towards the practical requirements. Low deployment costs also make it suitable for narrow budget solutions.

The OCIT-C communication modules are available to all interested users free of charge.
The interface definition OCIT-C has been introduced by ODG & Partner into the DKE (German Commission for Electrical and Electronics Information Technology in DIN and VDE) for standardization.

The OCIT-C version 1.x corresponds to the pre-standards "DIN VDE V 0832-601 Part 601: Interface between central facilities for the exchange of traffic-related data - data and protocol" and "DIN VDE V 0832-602 Part 602: Interface between central facilities for Exchange of traffic-related data - schema definitions."

OCIT-C Scheme

The companies involved are thus continuing the consistent path towards standardized standardization in traffic control technology in German-speaking countries.


OCIT-C completes the OCIT standard with functionalities for communication between:

  • Traffic control centers and traffic management centers (city)
  • Traffic engineering work places with traffic control centers
  • Traffic control centers (regionally, supraregional) and traffic management centers
  • Carpark guiding systems, multi-storey car park systems
  • Road works management systems
  • Local Internet user (urban information in the Internet)
  • Data exchange with other standards (e.g. TLS: VDV, DATEX II) or proprietary solutions.

Benefits for operators

  • OCIT-C covers all at present known ranges of the traffic engineering and information exchange
  • OCIT-C is simple to tender and assures safe investments
  • OCIT-C is an open license-free standard, which is standardized in the DKE
  • OCIT-C comes from the practical experience and is internationally applicable
  • OCIT-C is economically realizable also for small applications like local Internet connections
  • OCIT-C is applicable for new and existing systems and different traffic control procedures

Benefits for operators and users

  • OCIT-C uses international standard protocols
  • OCIT-C data can be extended while maintaining the compatibility
  • OCIT-C is expandable according to the requirements in the project
  • OCIT-C versions are firmly defined, tested and are upward and downward compatibly
  • OCIT-C interfaces are simple to monitor and test in the system environment
  • OCIT-C is further developed by the ODG & Partner


Note: OCIT-C replaces the previous OCIT-Instations interfaces (OCIT-I process data and OCIT-I supply data) and covers practically all interface areas of traffic management.


OCIT-C Test server

to the test server

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